Sysdig Platform CLI - Backup

This section explains concepts and notations in the set of the backup and restore commands provided.

Supported sections

The Backup section allows the user to perform backups and restores from different parts of the product, the supported parts are:

Sysdig Monitor Sysdig Secure Sysdig Platform
Teams Teams Users
Dashboards Runtime Policies  
Notification Channels Falco Rules  
Alerts Falco Lists  
  Falco Macros  


The following options are available to use, for more information of each option, see the links below.

$ sdc-cli backup --help
Usage: sdc-cli backup [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  check    Checks if something has changed in the remote environment comparing
           it with the backed up version
  dump     Dumps all the information from Monitor and Secure to a directory.
  restore  Restores all the information dumped from 'backup' to Monitor and

Usage: Check

:warning: The check option is not currently supported, is kept as a legacy option and will be removed in future releases.

Usage: Dump

For more information about how to dump a backup, check sdc-cli backup dump.

Usage: Restore

For more information about how to restore a backup, check sdc-cli backup restore.