Sysdig Platform CLI - Dashboard

This section explains concepts and notations in the set of the Monitor Dashboards commands provided.


The Dashboard section supports Dashboards v3 (with PromQL), and has the following subcommands:

$ sdc-cli dashboard --help
Usage: sdc-cli dashboard [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  add       Add a dashboard
  add-json  Add dashboards from a json file
  del       Delete dashboards
  fav       Favorite a dashboard
  get       Get dashboard
  list      List all dashboards
  panel     Sysdig Monitor Dashboard Panel operations
  share     Share a dashboard
  unfav     Unfavorite a dashboard
  unshare   Unshare a dashboard

List Dashboards

You can list all the dashboards visible to the user with:

$ sdc-cli dashboard list  
id            name                                                            username                    autoCreated        shared        public        favorite        
201993        PostgreSQL Server                                             False              False         False         False           
206604        0 example-voting-app: Overview                                False              True          False         False           
206605        AWS EC2 CloudWatch                                            False              True          False         False           
206606        example-voting-app: NodeJS                                    False              True          False         False           
206607        Kubernetes Entity Overview                                    False              True          False         False           
206608        Sysdig Agent Summary                                          False              True          False         False         

Favorite/Unfavorite dashboards

You can mark dashboards as favorite with:

$ sdc-cli dashboard fav 201993
PostgreSQL Server is now favorite

You can un-fav the same ones with:

$ sdc-cli dashboard unfav 201993
PostgreSQL Server is now not favorite

Share/Unshare dashboards

The dashboards can be either shared with all teams:

$ sdc-cli dashboard share --all-teams 201993
Shared PostgreSQL Server with all teams

Or with particular teams (as read-only by default, or read-write with -w):

$ sdc-cli dashboard share --team 'Monitor Operations' 201993
Shared PostgreSQL Server with team Monitor Operations

$ sdc-cli dashboard share --team 'GKE team' 201993 -w       
Shared PostgreSQL Server with team GKE team

The shared dashboard can then be un-shared with:

$ sdc-cli dashboard unshare 201993                   
Unshared PostgreSQL Server

Modify Panels from a Dashboard

To check more information about how to modify panels from dashboards v3, please check: sdc-cli dashboard panel