Sysdig Helm Charts

This is the official source for Sysdig’s Helm charts.

Add this charts repository to your local Helm

To start using our charts, first add this charts repository using the helm command line tool:

# Add sysdiglab charts to helm
helm repo add sysdiglabs

# Update list of charts from all registered charts repositories
helm repo update

Use this charts repository

Once you have added this charts repository to your local helm, you can start using it:

# List all charts:
helm search repo sysdiglabs

# Install Sysdig agent from the online charts repository with default settings using:
helm install sysdig-agent --set sysdig.accessKey=YOUR-KEY-HERE sysdiglabs/sysdig

Hosted charts in this repository

See specific information about each chart at the GitHub repository:

More information

You can find more information about our software at:

For general information about Helm charts, visit:

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